Digikast offers multiple solutions for your every need! We can provide professional assistance to help you decide what is right for business.

Digital Signage

A form of dynamic electronic display that shows information, advertising and other messages through a digital media network. Digikast uses only the highest-quality LCD and plasma screens to present your dynamic content. These screens have a much higher contrast ratio and brightness than typical home solutions. This helps others to see the signage, especially in a brightly-lit room or even outdoors. By using Digikast for your advertising needs, your signage will be ultra-sharp and crisp, because all of our digital screens are full 1080p.

Print Signage

A static display showing information, advertising and other messages. Cloth banners and backlit signs are typical examples of printed signage. Digikast offers many affordable, premium print signage solutions. This is a great alternative when dynamic signage is not necessary. We use a state of the art, wide format printer to print our signage in-house. The signage is elegantly presented in one of our many available brightly-lit, custom lightboxes.

Signage Installations

Digikast creates compelling, professional signage installations for other businesses, helping them earn revenue in ways never thought possible. Why not yours? With a network of highly-experienced graphic designers and multimedia specialists, we have the experience to know what will work and what will not. Whether it be an interactive end-cap in a store, to a simple static lightbox in your lobby, Digikast can do it and do it RIGHT!