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Reach your audience through Digikast’s highest-quality LCD and plasma screens.


We also offer a variety of affordable, premium print signage solutions to  display your static content


Custom compelling, professional signage installations for your business like interactive end-caps or light-boxes.

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Digikast – Captive Media Solutions

Digikast LLC, located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, is a digital and print signage advertising company. We offer many advanced and affordable advertising signage solutions that can augment your revenue through effective communication with your client base. Our focus is delivering your company message to a captive audience, which yields one of the highest success rates for any medium of advertising.

Whatever your budget, we have a plan to fit your advertising needs. From dynamic, digital signage to eye-catching print signage, Digikast has your business covered. With many premium signage locations located in airports, hotel lobbies and fitness centers, we are revolutionizing the way consumers receive information.

Digikast is an innovative company, always searching for new and better ways in which businesses may reach their target audience. Our company will grow with your business and will always be there for you. Contact us today to get your advertising spot reserved.

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All your advertising needs in one place.

All Your Advertising Needs in One Place

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Lake Charles Regional Airport

The Lake Charles Regional Airport is Digikast’s first airport advertising venue. We offer 9 Samsung 52 inch, industrial quality, LCD digital signage monitors and 16 premium back-lit lightbox print signage systems, there is plenty of ad space and solutions available. Contact us to get your ad placed today.

Lake Charles airport front

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